Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation
Ambassadors & Friends

Chaplains & Ambassadors of The Foundation

CFFF Chaplain - Jean Morisset

Wayne Jasper, Anarchist Mountain Fire Department (Past Director)

Luigi Davoli, Mississauga Fire & Emergency Services

Gary Barnes, Gatineau Fire Service

Mike Dunlop - Chelsea Ceremony

Celine Guerin - Ottawa Ceremony

Janny Pape - North Perth (ON)

Paul Buxton-Carr - Past Wildland Director (BC)

Martin Rousseau - Past Military Director (ON)

Mark Prendergast - M&L Supply

Kevin Connolly - BCU Financial Fire Fighters Credit Union

Bob Rainboth - Ottawa Fire Department

Will Brooks - (NS)

Julien Bergeron,  Northern Sunrise County Deputy Fire Chief & Organizer of Annual Northern Trek for the CFFF

Bruce Rushton - Past Padre

David Cossitt, Captain, Toronto Fire Services and Founder of Annual Memorial Ride

Denis Charbonneau, Ottawa Fire Services

Dan Johnston, Ottawa Fire Services

Friends of The Foundation

The Foundation would like to thank the following people for their extra special assistance in the designated area.

Tom Koch - Ottawa Ceremony

Linda Lebrun Matta - Ottawa, Official CFFF Photographer

Brenda Lethbridge - Ottawa, CFFF Store

Manfred Kihn - Bullard Canada - Ceremony

Derian Rosario - Northern Alberta