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    [ff_id] => 1179
    [first_name] => William
    [nickname] => Bill
    [middle_name] => 
    [last_name] => Brew
    [category] => full time
    [employment] => Career (Full Time)
    [rank] => District Chief
    [birth_date] => 1921-01-19
    [joined_date] => 1946-04-22
    [death_date] => 1979-09-24
    [funeral_date] => 1979-09-29
    [cemetary] => 
    [age] => 58
    [department] => Toronto Fire Services
    [station] => #14 (#345)
    [city] => Toronto
    [province] => Ontario
    [incident_location] => 
    [incident_province] => 
    [cause] => 
    [circumstances] => Work Related Illness - Colon Cancer
    [url] => 
    [other] => 
    [wsib_rec_date] => 
    [date_entered] => 2013-07-23 13:45:49
    [source] => Kevin Ashfield - TPFFA
    [note] => Approved under old TFD Pension Plan
    [ceremony] => 
    [photo] => william_brew_xzn.jpg
    [panel_number] => 14
    [story_EN] => 

Bill began his career with the City of Toronto in the late 1940s after a distinguished career with The Royal Canadian Air Force as a Flight Lieutenant. He started out on the Aerial Trucks at #1 Station on Adelaide Street and soon found himself as the main driver for the Chief. A few years later he was promoted to Captain. He truly loved his job, the brotherhood and the men who worked for and with him. In the early 1970s he was promoted to District Chief, and shortly before he became ill was Acting Platoon Chief. Bill was a shy man with a wonderful smile who never looked for credit himself but would always recognize the greatness and courage of his men. His picture appeared in the Toronto Star in 1954 when he rescued a black lab from a burning home. He was well known for showing up at a fire to assess the situation before his crew even got there. Many times Bill and his family would be on the road and would hear a call on the "Band." All of a sudden, they’d be parked nearby an active fire. Bill was only stopping by to lend moral support to the crew, but always said "You can never have too many hands on deck.” (Submitted by the Brew Family for the 2012 Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial Ceremony)

[story_FR] => [is_live] => 1 [dod] => 1979-09-24 )
District Chief William 'Bill' Brew
Toronto, Ontario
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Scholarship & Bursaries

La Fondation accorde des bourses d'études et d'entretien aux enfants et aux conjoint(e)s des pompiers morts dans l'exercice de leurs fonctions, et reconnus comme tel par la Fondation.

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Honorer les pompiers morts en service

La Fondation canadienne des pompiers morts est une société de bienfaisance enregistré , sans but lucratif , régie par un conseil d'administration composé de membres du Service des incendies du Canada et d'autres Canadiens intéressés dédiée à honorer les pompiers canadiens morts en service.

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Cérémonie commémorative des pompiers canadiens 2023

La cérémonie commémorative des pompiers canadiens 2023 aura lieu à Ottawa au Monument commémoratif des pompiers canadiens le 10 septembre à 10 h 30.

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Courage : Le magazine

Le tome 17 est maintenant disponible - Consultez toutes les publications du magazine Courage en ligne au format électronique.

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Online Store

Online Store

Items on the CFFF store have been carefully selected to help HONOUR and REMEMBER the firefighters who have been killed in the line of duty. The proceeds from the products sold through the store are used to SUPPORT their families. The CFFF is a registered charity and operates by fundraising.

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Voici notre nouvelle pièce du défi FCPMS 2023!

September 4th, 2023

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Edition 17 (2021) a été retardé mais est maintenant disponible en format électronique, anglais seulement pour le moment. Des copies imprimées suivront sous peu. La version électronique est disponible ici


Le 2023 Canadian Firefighter Memorial aura lieu le 10 septembre. Visitez notre site et notre page FB pour des informations durant l'été.